Protect Your Account

Buat para pengguna webhosting gratis musti bangga 🙂 Coba mampir ke sini: Website yang numpang di, yang tidak dikunjungi oleh (minimal) 10 user dalam 30 hari, akan di-non-aktifkan. 7 hari berikutnya, Jika masih sepi pengunjung sejak dinyatakan non-aktif, akan DIHAPUS. Berikut kutipannya:

Protect Your Account

To save server resources and provide everyone with free web hosting service we regularly remove inactive accounts. Account considered inactive, if no website is uploaded or it did not received more than 10 visitors in 30 days.

Website you have just visited was set to be removed in 7 days for inactivity.

But, if your are the owner of this website, and you would like to continue using our services, you can protect your account against termination by logging on to your account at

We are sorry for any inconveniences and thanks for using our services!

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