This link won't open in new tab or window

I found that post-by-mail feature is great and helpful. Unfortunately, there is a little thing that might need some fix.

I created a new post using my Gmail account through Mozilla Thunderbird. I set the sending format to HTML. When I made a link like this one, and set the target blank attribute, the link still opened in new window, instead of new tab or window as it supposed to be.

I’d tried to switch to Plain text mode in Mozilla Thunderbird, then make a new post with some links that created manually (mean, I wrote down the HTML tag/a href tag to make link), and of course, I did set the target blank attribute, but it’s still the same. The link still won’t opened in new tab or window. Does “Post-by-Mail” supports Target Blank attribute?

UPDATE (July 11, 2009):

Just got a response from tonight:

Unfortunately the target attribute is currently stripped out from posts via email  – I’ll add it to our list of suggestions though.

Let’s wait and see 🙂

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